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Table Top Racing confirmed for PlayStation Vita

From lead designer of original WipEout.

Micro Machines-style game Table Top Racing launches on PlayStation Vita this spring, developer Playrise and indie publisher Ripstone have announced.

The game was first made for iOS and Android devices. Those versions have been downloaded over 3.7m times.

Playrise said the Vita version has brand new accelerator and brake control, improved graphics, more responsive handling and uses the console's rear touch pad.

There's multiplayer for up to four players, global rankings boards, eight tracks, 17 cars, six modes, power ups and special events.

Playrise is based in Liverpool and headed up by Nick Burcombe, who was the lead designer on the original WipEout while at Psygnosis. He joined Studio Liverpool to work on Sony's Formula 1 series before leaving in 2010 to start Playrise.