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Killzone Shadow Fall's first multiplayer DLC detailed

Plus two free maps are now live.

Killzone Shadow Fall's first multiplayer expansion has been revealed as the Insurgent Pack, which will contain a new character class, three new abilities, three new weapons and two new game modes.

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, the Insurgent Pack DLC will be priced at €9.99 (or included with a Season Pass), and is due this April.

The expansion adds the new Insurgent class, who has two unique abilities: hack and steal. This crafty fellow can "steal" weapons from dead foes, then use them for the rest of the match, even if they fall in battle. They'll also be able to hack enemy ground automata and turn these into friendlies.

The already existing Scout, Support and Assault classes each get a new ability too. The Scout gets an E-Pulse emitter, which can prevent enemies from setting up automata in the area in which the emitter is deployed; the Support gets the Tactical Echo emitter, a beacon that sends out a "tactical echo" making it harder for hidden enemies to sneak past; and the Assault class gets the Guard Drone, a stationary helper that guards against ground-based foes.

Additionally, this DLC's three new weapons include the M82 pistol from previous Killzone games, the L512 SMG machine pistol, and the Sta14 sniper rifle.

The Insurgent Pack also adds an all new difficulty with Elite Mode, which is like Hard Mode, only you only get three lives. So good luck with that.

Finally, this expansion also comes with new collectibles to gather in multiplayer matches for extra points, and it brings more personalisation options with an extra OWL skin, three new spotlight moves and a new voice-over pack.

Those who don't want to pay extra for DLC are still eligible to receive two free maps that came out today: The Cruiser and The Hangar. The former is set aboard a decommissioned VSA cruiser and focuses on close and mid-range combat, while the latter is set in a Helghan mining facility and features more wide-open spaces. You can get a glimpse of both of these in the new trailers below.

Killzone: Shadow Fall's multiplayer is currently free to try between now and Tuesday, 11th March at midnight. This temporary trial doesn't even require the disc, so if you're on the fence about the game, give that a go and see what you think.

Watch on YouTube
Watch on YouTube

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