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Killzone Shadow Fall gets three free maps today

But you need the Intercept DLC to play two of them.

Killzone Shadow Fall developer Guerrilla Games has just released three free maps for its PS4-exclusive shooter.

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, there's one new competitive map entitled The Statue, along with two co-op stages: The ATAC Tower and The Canal.

The co-op stages require players to have the Intercept DLC (either as an add-on or standalone purchase), while The Statue is available to all with the parent game.

The Statue is set around a Helghan war monument next to an armory, while the co-op missions task players with fending off the Helghast while trying to upload some world-saving thing or another. Does it really matter? You shoot the bad guys. Try not to die. You know the drill.

Eurogamer contributor Jon Denton was fond of Shadow Fall's Intercept DLC that added defensive co-op "Horde" missions, though he was critical of its lack of content. "The meagre number of maps means repetition soon kicks in, but the gorgeous visuals, frenetic carnage and demanding teamwork make for the tightest Horde variant since Mass Effect 3's," he stated in his Killzone Shadow Fall: Intercept review. As such, these two new stages should hopefully address one of Denton's prime gripes with the add-on.

So without further ado, here's a couple of trailers showing what Killzone Shadow Fall's new maps look like.

Watch on YouTube
Watch on YouTube