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Spec Ops lead making "existential, surreal horror" indie game

With new but very experienced studio.

Here's a new indie studio with experience: Tangentlemen.

Based in California, it boasts the experience of Spec Ops: The Line creative director and lead designer Cory Davis.

He'll share the creative director role with Toby Gard, who helped create Lara Croft and Tomb Raider.

Art director Rich Smith was a senior artist at Infinity Ward and then Titanfall studio Respawn. General manager John Garcia-Shelton worked on both Medal of Honor and Call of Duty.

They all met working on Spark Unlimited's Ninja Gaiden spin-off Yaiba, which is finished and coming out soon.

Tangentlemen is a remedy to the "creative stagnation" of triple-A game development, Toby Gard wrote in a statement. A place to take "creative risks and trust our belief" that people will want it.

"Our solutions are not what you'd expect," Cory Davis added. "They're often weird, or even absurd, with strong gestures that challenge the status quo. Our games are extreme in their thematic, narrative, and mechanical design."

Tangentlemen's first game is Daedalus, an "existential, surreal horror trip" that's being conceptualised now.

Some extraordinary facial hair. Great start.

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