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The Bridge developer announces competitive action puzzler Tumblestone

Coming this autumn to PC, Mac and Linux.

The Bridge developer The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild has unveiled its next game as the competitive block-falling action-puzzler Tumblestone.

Based on the first gameplay clip below, the action seems pretty simple: blocks fall and you try to shoot them with the corresponding colour before your pile 'o squares hits the ground. Tumblestone will be compatible with up to four-players and will feature local and online competitive multiplayer, AI-based single-player and co-op modes.

"Local-multiplayer 'party' games are severely underrepresented on modern consoles," the developer stated. "Most modern multiplayer games tend to focus on networked play, with one user per computer/console, but people still have fond memories of plugging four controllers into their older consoles, in playing with three friends and/or enemies."

"We think the world is ready. Ready for the inevitable return of local-multiplayer games."

Tumblestone is due this autumn on PC, Mac and Linux with the possibility of moving to other platforms.

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