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Level-5 says "something is in the works" for a Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney EU release

No objections here.

Ever since its announcement three years ago, fans have been clamouring for Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney to get a western release. While developer Level-5 is still remaining cagey about it - despite its Japanese release last November - it's strongly suggested this enchanting crossover could make its way to European shores.

According to a Nintendo Town report (translated via Australian gaming site Vooks), when asked about a European release of the crossover at the Japan Expo in France last week, Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino said, "Something is in the works."

He then added, "but I can't talk about it today. Please be patient." Oh fiddlesticks!

The Ace Attorney series isn't a big seller in the west, so Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies, aka Ace Attorney 5, will be a download-only eShop offering. Perhaps this crossover will be the same? Maybe that's not ideal, but I'd definitely settle for that over not getting it at all.

We're following up on this with Level-5 and will update if we find out more.

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