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The Hong Kong Massacre resembles Hotline Miami meets Stranglehold

Looks like a bloody good time.

Indie developer Vreski's upcoming top-down shooter The Hong Kong Massacre reimagines Dennaton's Hotline Miami as a grislier riff off late 80s and early 90s action flicks from SE Asia.

While the perspective and exaggerated bloodshed may resemble Hotline Miami, The Hong Kong Massacre's structure is more open-ended as the player's goal is to hunt down a triad leader by visiting various gangster hideouts spread throughout the city. You'll be able to explore these locales in any order as you acquire clues to open up more leads on your trail to the crime lord.

Another major difference between The Hong Kong Massacre and Hotline Miami is in the former you'll be able to slow down time, which I'm pretty sure was Chow Yun Fat's secret to success before Keanu Reeves adopted it in The Matrix.

It's still early days for The Hong Kong Massacre and Vreski has yet to sort how to go about funding the project. "Currently [there are] no funding plans at all. I want make some more progress before deciding about that stuff," the developer explained on Twitter. I wouldn't be surprised to see a crowdfunding campaign take form though.

Vreski is detailing his progress on The Hong Kong Massacre over at the TIGSource forums. A trailer is expected in the near future, but for now, check out these slick, violent gifs.

Like the John Woo-inspired F.E.A.R., the shotgun in The Hong Kong Massacre immediately transforms enemies into plumes of blood.