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OMG Zombies dev unveils Vita exclusive Flame Over

It's a procedurally-generated fire-fighting roguelike.

Laughing Jackal, the UK studio behind the OMG Zombies games, has unveiled its upcoming PlayStation Vita exclusive Flame Over.

In a post over at the PlayStation Blog senior producer Alasdair Evans described the game as a procedurally-generated fire-fighting roguelike drenched in a cartoon art style.

It features twin-stick controls and fast-paced gameplay, as well as permadeath and dynamic fire that burns and spreads.

Gameplay revolves around guiding fire fighter Blaze Carruthers through the Infernal Industries building, extinguishing fires and rescuing stranded workers along the way.

Flame Over is built on the Unity game engine and is Laughing Jackal's first 3D action game. The two screenshots released today give us a clear indication of what the game will look like.

Flame Over is due out late Q3 2014 or early Q4 2014, Evans said.

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