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GOG St Patrick's Day sale revealed

DIY bundles and mystery pots of gold.

Predominantly retro download-game shop GOG is having a big old sale in celebration of St Patrick's Day and also just because.

Is he saying "fork"?

The headline deal is "luck of the Irish" that allows you to bundle your pick of five games together to make big savings.

You can add a mystery pot of gold in a game's slot, too, which could turn out to be anything - perhaps a big game you've had your eye on.

In addition, there's a "BIG games BIG sale", which discounts games such as The Banner Saga, Shadow Warrior, Outlast, Aarklash: Legacy and more.

St Patrick's Day is a cultural and religious festival that involves buying oversized green hats and drinking the black stuff until the cows come home. Bizarrely, it's become a popular day of celebration around the Western world.