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Lorne Lanning hopes to bring Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath to PS4

iOS version to cost $5.

Oddworld creator Lorne Lanning hopes to bring a spruced-up Stranger's Wrath HD to PlayStation 4, he told Eurogamer at GDC - though it's not 100 per cent confirmed.

"I think we're bringing it to PS4 now," he told us in an interview. He said it won't be a whole new remake, but rather "a new SKU with some new dynamics".

"We're still going over budgets and schedules and stuff like that," he added, so it's not an official promise quite yet.

The mobile version of Stranger's Wrath HD, however, is nearing completion with developer Square One - who brought A Bard's Tale to mobile - handling the port. Lanning confirmed to us that this will cost $4.99.

Stranger's Wrath first released in 2005 for the Xbox, then was ported to PC, PlayStation 3 and Vita with up-rezzed visuals by Just Add Water.

Lanning also mentioned that he'll be starting a new company this year to work on a non-Oddworld game. He's planning to launch a Kickstarter on this upcoming mystery project next year. Little is known about it, but he said it won't be as expensive as a brand new Oddworld game - something he estimates would cost $5-$6 million.

"They'll be an Oddworld partner company, so it stays with the brand of quality, but not the IP," he said of this upcoming project.