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"Sony needs to show how good VR could be - not something like PS Move"

Oculus' creator on Sony's entry into VR.

Oculus Rift's creator Palmer Luckey has welcomed Sony's entry into virtual reality with Morpheus, believing they could help take the technology mainstream.

Speaking immediately prior to last night's reveal at GDC, Luckey offered his thoughts on what Morpheus could bring to VR.

"Sony has the resources, the manpower and the money to really make a compelling entry into the VR industry," Luckey said. "They could make something really good. It remains to be seen if they'll bring those resources to bear. If they do something good, it really does bring up the whole VR industry.

"The VR industry isn't good enough and developed enough where we have the luxury to say we're going to own the whole thing. People aren't convinced that VR is cool, or that it's going to happen. A player like Sony doing a good job would help people be convinced of that."

Morpheus shares similar specs with the improved Oculus Rift kit that opened up pre-orders today, with both prototypes boasting 1080p displays. Morpheus has been in development at Sony for over three years, and leans heavily on the company's learnings, as well as the technology, of the PlayStation Move.

"They need to do something that shows how good VR could be - and not something like PS Move. It was really good technology, but it was born as a response to things like the Wii and Kinect, and I don't think Sony supported as strongly as they could have. They did a great job with the hardware, and with some first-party stuff, but they didn't get the support they needed to make it a really mainstream consumer thing. I'd hate to see that happen to VR."