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Video shows how to dock in Elite: Dangerous

As alpha 3 is released to backers.

You can't always rely on a hostile tractor beam to guide you in, as they say - you're going to have to learn how to dock yourself one day.

Thank phew for this Elite: Dangerous alpha docking tutorial video, then, which while masquerading as informative is actually just another chance for us to ogle at Frontier Development's Kickstarted space game instead.

It's currently in Alpha 3.0 where docking, ship outfitting and an early version of hyperspace travel are being tested.

"Alpha three is particularly significant as we can start to see the game itself being built out, as opposed to just testing the technology behind it," said developer CEO David Braben.

Alpha backers of the game can test the Alpha 3.0 build now, or you can buy the same privilege from the game's website now for £200 - seriously.

The game's in development for PC predominantly, with a Mac version to follow a few months later. It's tentatively expected this year but there's every chance it could run on - there's no rush, after all.

Cover image for YouTube videoAlpha Phase 3.0 - Docking Tutorial