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Deus Ex: Human Revolution short film looks good enough for Hollywood

You watching, Square Enix?

The Deus Ex: Human Revolution short film has been released - and its special effects look good enough for Hollywood.

The 12 minute flick takes characters from the Eidos Montreal game, including assassin Yelena Fedorova, neuroscientist Megan Reed and, of course, Mr Augmentation himself Adam Jensen, and pops them in a live-action setting. Drenched on top are fancy computer generated effects.

There are even a few nods to the game and the community that built up around it - we won't spoil those here.

The film was directed by Moe Charif, who also played Jensen.

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Square Enix has yet to announce an official Deus Ex movie, but it does have more video games set in the universe in the works.