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Halfbrick's upcoming game is a puzzler called Bears vs Art

Free now in Canada and Australia. Coming soon elsewhere.

Jetpack Joyride and Fruit Ninja developer Halfbrick has revealed its next game as the wonderfully titled puzzler Bears vs Art.

Already available as a free download on Australia and Canada's App Stores, the game will make its way to the rest of the world shortly, though Halfbrick has yet to announce exactly when this will be.

Bears vs Art is Halfbrick's first foray into the puzzle genre. You guide Rory, the art-hating bear, through 125 grid-based galleries where he does what bears do best: f*** s*** up. As he rages on in his "battle against pointless subtext" he'll have to contend with security lasers and traps, snooty patrons, guards and thieves if he's to destroy all the pretentious projects in the vicinity.

TouchGameplay has some footage of Bears vs Art's gameplay below. Special mention should be made for its terrific rhyming opening cinematic narrated by The Stanley Parable's Kevan Brighting.

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