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SOE offers 30-day free EverQuest trial

Never played EverQuest? Now you can try it for free.

Sony Online Entertainment is offering gamers who have never played EverQuest the chance to sample the game and two of its expansions for free for 30 days.

The promotion, which consists of the original game and expansions The Ruins of Kunark and The Scars of Velious is open to anybody with a registered Station account who does not currently and has not previously had an EverQuest account.

Dubbed the EverQuest Trilogy, the package is available for download right now. More details and download locations for the immensely popular MMORPG can be found on Sony's EQ website here.

"Are you ready for the mighty world of EverQuest?" the page demands. Assuming you can handle the gig-plus download, we reckon you probably are, rules and restrictions notwithstanding.

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