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Warthog working on an RPG, too

Busy month for that lot. See inside for Fallen Kingdoms details and shots.

Having announced several new projects already this month, including some new IP and a Conquest RTS sequel, it turns out Britsoft developer Warthog is also working on an RPG called Fallen Kingdoms for PC and Xbox.

Set in a land ruled over by some sort of demonic undead chap called Undrath, Fallen Kingdoms stars a few plucky adventurers - rogues, wizards, citizens and others - who band together to rise up against the tyranny of Undrath and install a proper king, after the last one fell foul of the old "prophesied to mess it all up and plunge realm into age of darkness" chestnut.

Played from third-person with a spangly graphics engine that you can see in action in these screenshots, Fallen Kingdoms charts their journey across Aegion, features branching quests, no-load tech, a "Morality System" that determines the outcome of the game based on your actions, and an emphasis on believable combat; we're promised characters who will duck, weave, parry and strike in perfect synchronicity, which sounds pretty handy.

Fallen Kingdoms currently lacks a release date or a publisher, but we'd imagine it, Conquest and the other new Warthog games will be snapped up by somebody or other in the near future.