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Star Wars: Episode III game takes shape

A third-person action-adventure. Platform details, release date, etc, inside. We just hope it's not another Phantom Menace style outing.

LucasArts has released more details of the Star Wars: Episode III tie-in game it plans to release to coincide with the film next year. Although it's still known as Star Wars: Episode III (presumably a working title), it's due out on May 5th next year, two weeks prior to the film's premiere on May 19th, and we understand it's due on PS2 and Xbox.

We also now know that it's a third-person action-adventure title in which players get to control Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi as their relationship unravels, with all manner of Dark and Light Force powers on their respective sides and highly evolved lightsabre combat choreographed with help from stunt coordinator Nick Gillard. We're also promised a fiery final confrontation between the two.

Obviously the game will share locations with Episode III (which recently had its full title confirmed as Revenge Of The Sith), although by the sound of it the game won't do too much to spoil the film, as LucasArts seems to be pitching it as an expansion on the events in the film.

We should be able to see for ourselves of course when the Star Wars Trilogy DVD set is released on September 21st. Earlier this year LucasArts revealed that a special 'Making Of' feature would be included on one of the discs (along with a Star Wars: Battlefront playable Xbox demo), and from this we'll be able to see what went into the game and how the team worked directly with the likes of Nick Gillard, Hayden Christensen and indeed George Lucas.

Expect to hear more on Star Wars: Episode III in the coming months.

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