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MS confirms Europe-wide Halo 2 LE release

Limited Collector's Edition will be released all across Europe on November 11th in a very attractive metal box. Of which we have some pictures.

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It's been available to pre-order from some UK-based online stores for over a week, but now it's official: Microsoft is planning to release the metal-cased Halo 2 "Limited Collector's Edition" across Europe to coincide with the release of the regular DVD-boxed version on November 11th.

Whereas the normal version, which will retail at the usual £30-40 you see in high street stores, focuses on the game alone, the Limited Collector's Edition is bound to excite Halo fans keen to get an insight into the development process. And anybody else who just wants something pleasant to look at when it's perched on the shelf.

Apart from a rather attractive metal box [front and back designs pictured left], the LCE also sports a second bonus disc featuring all manner of DVD-style extras, including a Making Of documentary, features and galleries focusing on everything from game design and outtakes to concept art and animation, and commentaries from the development team. "And more," presumably.

You can already pre-order it, as we say, from the likes of Simply Games, who have it for £35.99 at the moment, and we're told by Microsoft to expect a street price in the region of £44.99 in the UK and €64.99 'on the continent'. Better sharpen the credit card...

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