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MOH: Pacific Assault demo delayed

So quick it caught us unawares. (Um, does that qualify as bad taste, or is it sufficiently ambiguous?)

The Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault demo we told you about yesterday has been delayed, Electronic Arts has announced, despite promising that it would be with us all very soon and even specifying a file size - around 400MB.

A spokesperson quoted on GameSpot had this to say: "I apologise for the start and stop as I was really looking forward to releasing the demo, but can say with confidence that I know you'll be impressed when you get a chance to play it for yourselves."

As a result of the delay, the demo we thought would be with us very soon will now be released in a "couple of weeks". Just in time to coincide with the release of Doom III and the Counter-Strike: Source beta, then...

For more on Pacific Assault, which is due out on October 1st in Europe, have a look at our recent coverage of the game's appearance at EA Hot Summer Nights in San Francisco, which sunburnt our freckled skin and shot us in the face.

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