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Two Tribes: Vengeance demos due next month

Irrational Games plans a pair of demos showcasing two or three multiplayer levels and a separate single-player map, producer Chris Mahnken tells Eurogamer.

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Irrational Games plans to ship two demo versions of Tribes: Vengeance next month, in the form of an open beta multiplayer test and a separate single-player demo, producer Chris Mahnken has revealed in an interview on Eurogamer today.

"There's going to be both an open beta at some point in August, and there will also be a single-player demo available that month," he explained. When asked for specifics, Mahnken commented, "The beta will have probably two, maybe three maps and it'll be sort of like the Battlefield [1942] beta was. A limited amount of content."

We were also told, "The single-player demo will have one map in it." However that map won't be the first, Halo-esque single-player level that we looked at in close detail on Wednesday. Instead, it's a single-player map in an Arena-style configuration.

"I'm not even sure if we're going to give out the name of the map since the name is kind of a spoiler," Mahnken told us, "but that one map is sort of an Arena map where you get to use just about every weapon and there's lots and lots of enemies swarming in on you all the time. It's a fun map. The kind of map you can play over and over and over again and get something out of it."

For much more on Tribes: Vengeance, check out our two-part interview with Mahnken. Part one is here and you can find part two here.

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