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Dance:UK dev working on EyeToy title

Plus, we have new shots and footage of Sony Japan's Saru EyeToy, the Ape Escape themed one, which looks rather messed up in the head.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Dance:UK developer Broadsword Interactive is working on a new EyeToy project for European publisher Europress, according to reports. Called Move2Play, it's a carnival themed mini-games package featuring duck shooting and a coconut shy in amongst some 12 mini-games. Move2Play should be out in November.

The game will also reportedly feature a "true" two-player mode, which we're guessing means that two players will be able to feature on the same screen - something we haven't really seen before, except on those occasions where it's fun for the person sitting on the beanbag behind you to wave an arm unhelpfully.

Also this morning on EyeToy-related matters, we've stumbled across some new screenshots and a video of Saru EyeToy, the Ape Escape-themed PS2 title in development at Sony Japan. We're sure you need little invitation to watch people fighting monkeys, so we'll send you in the direction of the streaming video here, with thanks to The Magic Box.

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