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Need For Speed Underground 2 trailer

Around 90 seconds of in-game footage and shots of the cityscape. It looks fast. And big. And it's available from Eurofiles, naturally.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Electronic Arts has released around a minute and a half of Need For Speed Underground 2 footage, made up of a mixture of cinematic and in-game content, giving us a taste of the follow-up to last year's surprise commercial smash hit.

The video, available now from Eurofiles (Windows Media format, 10MB), shows off some of the "five distinct neighbourhoods" that make up the NFSU2 playground, including an industrial estate, city streets and snaking freeways and suburban hilltop roads.

There's plenty of revving and roaring around the elaborate street layouts and tons of environmental detail, much as there was in the original NFSU. Indeed, EA is promising over 200km of open road to play about on.

The trailer concludes as a sporty little number donuts in front of an underground meet, and challenges you to find the underground. Which shouldn't be too hard - when it hits retail this November, expect to have it shoved under your eyelids whenever you venture within 100 feet of a television of games shop.

You can get your hands on the trailer here.

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