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Atari to unveil new Matrix title soon?

And Bruno Bonnell reckons they're not doing so badly. After all, DRIV3R's still selling, and nobody really liked Epic anyway...

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Atari CEO Bruno Bonnell has hinted that a new Matrix game could be announced within the next few weeks. Speaking on the back of a rather downbeat financial report, Bonnell pointed out to investors that Atari still has "the rights to two more Enter the Matrix SKUs," adding that he hopes "to provide the public with more details [...] in the coming weeks."

This seems to tie in with a recent report carried by the Wall Street Journal, in which Matrix creators Larry and Andy Wachowski described their next project as "an Xbox Matrix game for 2005". Given the reclusive duo's integral involvement in the first ETM, which used a number of cut-scenes shot by them using actors from the second and third films, it would be surprising if they meant something else.

Bonnell also tried to lift spirits with news that 50 per cent of DRIV3R units have now sold (although he didn't mention how many had been returned), and elaborated on the recent deal former charges Epic Games did with Midway - widely seen as a bit of a loss for Atari - saying "it was not acceptable for us to sign a deal with this structure," despite adding "the relationship with Epic remains friendly". Indeed, Atari now plans to publish a special edition of Unreal Tournament 2004, of which more later.

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