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Things And Stuff: Thursday News Roundup

(Updated throughout the day. Cough.) Ghost Master finally gets PS2/Xbox date, Dead Rush canned, Far Cry patched to 1.2, VU announces Thunderbirds GBA game.

The oft delayed PS2 and Xbox versions of Ghost Master should finally be with us this September, publisher Empire announced today, curiously choosing to top-load its press release with the line "Released in March 2003". Yep, the PC version was. So, why the long wait? Apparently it's because the publisher realised that both ports "needed to be overhauled to suit the more immediate 'pick up and play' needs of a console gamer." The interface has now been redesigned - so much so that Empire reckons "all interactions and commands can be easily and quickly accessed with a couple of quick clicks of the pad." It ghost faster, then.

Although Activision had a lot to crow about today, there was one blemish on an otherwise rather upbeat financial report - the cancellation of Spider-Man 2 developer Treyarch's survival horror/driving hybrid Dead Rush, which prompted a fair few Dead Rush Dead headlines. "We gave it an opportunity, but it didn't meet our standards as a big proposition," said Activision Publishing CEO Ron Doornink. Still, we reckon Treyarch is probably still in favour after Spider-Man 2 did the business all over the globe.

Following a rather impressive period in development, the 65MB Far Cry 1.2 patch is now available, adding Shader Model 3.0 and quick save support, various tweaks and bug fixes and all sorts of other changes. You can download it from all your usual file sources including [reaches for the Randomising Hat] FileShack, it seems.

The Jonathan Frakes-helmed film sounds like a bit of a disappointment judging by the reviews we've read, but it's bound to do well anyway when it's released tomorrow, so it's no great surprise to learn that Vivendi-Universal Games is readying a Thunderbirds title for Game Boy Advance - presumably the ideal format for the film's target demographic. It's due out on August 20th in the UK, and you get to play as the youngest Tracy, Alan, on a mission to rescue the International Rescue folks from an unfortunate predicament in the sky. See these? Screenshots. Um. GO.

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