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Driver movie takes shape

A report sheds light on Tanner's big-screen exploits, and comments briefly on the state of the Dead or Alive movie.

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With the latest game riding high at the top of the charts in various countries (despite a critical mauling in some quarters), it seems that the production firms behind the Driver spin-off movie have taken steps to expedite its development.

According to a report on this week, Constantin Films and Impact Pictures are extending their collaboration to cover Tanner's vehicular exploits, having previously worked together on videogame-related projects like Resident Evil - and its cinematic sequel Apocalypse, which is due out this year.

The report stats that James DeMonaco, Todd Harthan and James Roday will work together on the script, and that it may not focus on one movie in particular. A quick glance at IMDB reveals that DeMonaco's previous work includes The Negotiator and Assault on Precinct 13 - although the latter is a 2005 remake rather than the John Carpenter original. Of the other two, James Roday is the more noteworthy, be we can't honestly say we've seen any of his films.

The Variety piece also points out that it's unclear who will direct, but that Bernd Eichinger (Constantin) and Jeremy Bolt and Paul WS Anderson (Impact) will produce, with Constantin's Robert Kuzler taking up the role of executive producer.

On a related sidenote, we've also learned the Corey Yuen is now "in the frame" to direct Constantin's Dead or Alive movie, based on Tecmo's beat-'em-up series of the same name.

Hopefully we'll be able to bring you more on both of those projects in the near future. And hopefully neither will be awful. Hey, at least neither's a Uwe Boll buy-up, right?

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