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Capcom plans Japanese DMC3 demo disc

To be bundled with Resident Evil Outbreak File #2.

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Japanese Devil May Cry fans are being given the chance to sample Dante's latest inferno by way of an official demo disc, which Capcom will reportedly make available to those pre-ordering Resident Evil Outbreak File #2 ahead of its release on September 9th.

Although there are no details on the contents of the disc at this point, it's bound to prove very popular, particular with importers, who have in the past turned similar Capcom promotions (such as the Resident Evil Zero demo disc for the GameCube) into nice little money-spinners. Of course, knowing us and you, we'll be first in line to spin them our money just as soon as we find a link to pick one up...

As for Resident Evil Outbreak File #2 - it could be a while before we see it outside Japan, given that the original Outbreak isn't even due out in Europe (and offline only) until September 24th, but that doesn't necessarily mean we won't see the DMC3 demo disc on this side of the globe. Indeed, at the time of writing Capcom reps had nothing to say on the matter, and hope to get back to us in the near future about the possibility of the disc appearing in Europe. More soon perhaps.

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