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Odds And Ends: Tuesday News Roundup

(Updated throughout the day.) Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising and Soldiers: Heroes of World War II patched.

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Regular followers of the news roundup may recall that we commented on a mysteriously updated patch file for Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising the other day, which seemed bigger, but for no apparent reason. Well, now the reason is well and truly apparent - this is not version or whatever it was, but instead is version, boasting all manner of new improvements. Say goodbye to "several" map bugs, say hello to "optimisations to player models" and so on. You can find details of the rest in the readme file, available alongside the file, right here.

Codemasters has patched recently-released World War II-'em-up Soldiers: Heroes of World War II to version 1.12.2 (good grief: stop using multiple full stops! Come on!), introducing some multiplayer performance and stability improvements, new control options, fixed crashes and loads of other assorted problems. The patch also takes the helpful step of adding explicit mod support, meaning that "the community no longer needs to change original game files for their mods to work". Download Mr Patch here.

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