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MS confirms Halo 2 European release date

It's not November 9th. Ooh, we're such teases. Now with dates for the whole of Europe!

Microsoft has issued a release this morning revealing that Halo 2 will hit UK retailers on Thursday, November 11th of this year, just a couple of days after the November 9th American date announced at E3 this year. Perhaps Peter Moore can get "/ 11th" added to his November 9th tattoo...

The release makes no mention of territories outside the UK, although a quick word with Microsoft this morning reveals that the Nov 11th date applies to all European territories - except, interestingly, Switzerland, France and Belgium, where the 11th is a Bank Holiday. They can all look forward to getting hold of it on the 10th instead. Lucky sods.

There's certainly little point elaborating on what Halo 2 is. If you don't know by now, you're probably on the wrong planet. We recommend checking out Mars - it's great there, and there's probably a reward if you find that stupid tin can thing we lost. It's named after that You've Been Framed bloke. Should stick out.

Meanwhile, Halo 2 developer Bungie has released another "3D screenshot" on its website, showcasing something it likes to call "Hogball", which builds on the fine work conducted by fans who like to use explosives to propel everyone's favourite offroader the Warthog through the air. In this instance, the team stacks fusion cores and then blows them up to try and send the Hog through a windmill.

The 3D screenshot, which requires QuickTime and comes in small and large flavours, allows you to zoom around and enjoy the spectacle. You can get hold of the small version here and the large here

And hey, now you know when you'll get to fire Hogs into the wind for yourself.

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