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Leeds United Club Football cancelled

"Development issues as a result of their relegation to the Football League" to blame. But apparently it's not the end.

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Codemasters no longer plans to release a Leeds United title as part of its Club Football 2005 range, according to a post on the publisher's official forum this week, citing "development issues as a result of [Leeds'] relegation to the Football League".

Some might have predicted that the club would prove less bankable as a result of their relegation this summer from the English Premiership to the Football League's Division 1 (or the Coca Cola Championship at it's to be known next season), but apparently that's not the case. "Selling isn't a factor as Leeds Utd was one of the best selling last year," a Codies' liaison commented.

Furthermore, the lack of a Leeds United game as part of this year's range should apparently not be construed as the end of the alliance. "We are not cancelling the relationship we enjoy with Leeds United and we will review the opportunity to release versions of Leeds United Club Football in the future," the publisher's community liaison added.

"It's the complications of the domestic season vs. European Super League thing I'll guess. We'd have to change the coding of the game dramatically for it," he added later.

Club Football 2005 is currently due out in Europe by the end of the year. You can read more details of the teams that will make up the range and find some screenshots by heading here.

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