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Kitase hints at further FFVII title

And this one could be a proper game, it seems. Yes, we don't really believe it either, but the evidence is a bit more compelling this time out...

Yoshinori Kitase, director of Square Enix's CG DVD movie Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, has hinted in the Japanese press that a sequel to FFVII is not completely out of the question, according to comments widely reported over the past day or so.

"We created the Final Fantasy VII Compilation project as a way to expand on FFVII and its worldview," Kitase reportedly told The PlayStation 2 magazine. "[Character designer, Tetsuya] Nomura and I have a lot of ideas, but they're very rough. We don't know if any of the ideas will be turned into products, but w ehope to be outgoing in doing so. We have to be prudent about making a game sequel, but we hope to take various approaches."

Another Japanese magazine, V-Jump, seems to know something, too. In an article promoting Advent Children and the recently announced mobile spin-off title Before Crisis, a pair of captions appear next to an outline of Vincent Valentine. "Another intense title is part of the FFVII project!" one of them yells, while the other, right next to Valentine's silhouette, claims, "That character is going to appear in a soon to be announced major title!"

We're still sceptical whenever we read about a Final Fantasy VII sequel, but Kitase's comments and the V-Jump piece certainly add up to something. At the very least, they ought to keep the rumour mill churning for another few months at least.

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