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Activision plans DS and PSP launch titles

Could be Spider-Man 2 on the DS and Activision Anthology/Tony Hawk's Underground 2 on the PSP, judging by the previously released information.

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Activision will have "at least" one title ready to launch alongside the Nintendo DS and Sony PlayStation Portable, president Ron Doornink confirmed in an investor conference call this week on the back of the publisher's latest financial report. Both titles will be established franchises with "top five potential", he said, and development is already underway.

The DS title is presumably Spider-Man 2, which was included on Nintendo's exhaustive product line-up when the console was unveiled at E3 this year. Meanwhile, Activision Anthology and Tony Hawk's Underground 2 appeared on the PSP development line-up announced by Sony last week in Japan.

Overall the publisher is optimistic about the potential for both formats, believing that they may encourage more adults to pick up a handheld where the Game Boy has previously failed. "While the Game Boy has been lucrative, it's never captured an older demographic," CEO Bobby Kotick told investors. "We believe that the production values, features, and design of these new handheld systems are likely to expand the portable gaming market significantly."

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