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No ICO sequel this year

Sony gives the lie to an Amazon listing for NICO, but urges you to watch this space. (We should put that on our business cards, really.)

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has no plans to launch a sequel to ICO this year, the company confirmed today, but hasn't ruled out a sequel to the cult PS2 title entirely.

Reacting to an listing for NICO - believed to be the name of the sequel - and an alleged November 29th release date, a spokesperson for Sony told Eurogamer, "SCEE has yet to announce any official information related to the sequel of ICO, but we can confirm that such game will not be launching in 2004 for Europe."

However there is glimmer of hope for fans of Ico and Yorda's celebrated PS2 adventure. "ICO has been a cherished favourite amongst PS2 gamers and we realise that a second instalment is eagerly anticipated worldwide," we were told. "Please watch this space..."

Couldn't have put it better ourselves.

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