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Mashed demo released

Empire kicks out a one-track playable demo of Supersonic's racing game, which we happen to rather like. In fact, it's super mashing great. Download it from Eurofiles now.

Empire Interactive has released a one-track playable demo of Mashed, Supersonic Software's quirky little Micro Machines-style racer, which is already out on PC and consoles, and which we rather like around here.

The 56MB demo is available now from our BitTorrent based file service Eurofiles, and you can download it by heading here. If you were to do so, you'd quickly discover that you'll need a minimum of a 1GHz processor, 128MB RAM and a 32MB graphics card to race.

You'd also find out that it's a one-level demo featuring a track called Tierra Piedra, which is available in time trial, quick battle and multiplayer modes. The full game has 13 tracks and a variety of cars.