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B.C. sequel goes live, says Intrepid

Ambitious Xbox exclusive title will return, with multiplayer modes, Intrepid tells Eurogamer exclusively this week.

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Intrepid Games has confirmed that it plans to develop a sequel to ambitious Xbox action-adventure title B.C., and that one of the sequel's key features will be multiplayer on Xbox Live.

Asked whether the developer had any plans for a sequel, perhaps including multiplayer, Intrepid's Joe Rider told Eurogamer, "B.C. will make a fantastic multiplayer game. We already have plans for a feature-rich multiplayer sequel for future development."

Rider also confirmed that B.C. is still on track for release later this year, and that the team hopes to deliver it without having to compromise their original vision. "A number of really cool features have already been slated for inclusion in the sequel development simply for the reason that not enough time is available to complete our entire wish list for this game," he said.

B.C., which is in development at Intrepid in association with Lionhead Studios exclusively for Xbox, is an extremely ambitious project that tasks players with guiding the development of a group of tribesmen in a prehistoric era, boasting some impressively adaptive learning AI and loosely structured sandbox-style gameplay.

Check back next week for more on B.C.'s development.

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