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New Epic title in the works for 2006

All new single player focused title underway for PC and next gen consoles - and it's got nothing to do with Unreal...

Epic Games has revealed that its first Unreal Engine 3-based title will not be based on its long-running Unreal franchise, and could be released as soon as early 2006.

In an interview with Eurogamer yesterday discussing its next generation technology, Epic founder Tim Sweeney revealed that "the first Unreal 3 engine game is planned for early 2006" and Vice President Mark Rein added "the big game we're making right now is a single player focused game in a totally new franchise".

It is expected that the as yet unnamed game will be released on PC and, most likely Xbox 2 if Microsoft chooses to continue its console exclusivity arrangement with the company, but Rein admitted "it'll be a while before we can talk about it".

How long we'll have to wait to find out more is likely to be closely connected with when Microsoft wishes to make its long-overdue Xbox 2 announcement, and Rein inadvertently hinted that this could be before the end of the year.

Asked if anyone else had yet confirmed Unreal 3-based projects, Rein said "No-one's announced a single game using Unreal 3, not even us, in fact! So many of the developers using the next generation of technology are focused on next generation consoles - and of course those haven't even been announced - so I don't think you'll see product announcements for another four or five months".

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