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Max Payne 3 PC supports DirectX 11, 3D

Rockstar promises "it's not a port".

The PC version of Max Payne 3 supports DirectX 11 features and 3D functionality, developer Rockstar has revealed.

An official fact sheet, as picked up by Videogamer, states that the PC SKU "is not a port" of the console version and has been built to "run beautifully straight out of the box".

"We're proud to say that Max Payne 3 will support DirectX 11 features including tessellation," read Rockstar's blurb.

"This means a higher frame rate, greater visual fidelity, precision mouse and keyboard controls, a full suite of customisable visual and control settings, and optional 3D functionality for an even greater sense of immersion."

Those with less powerful desktops should also be able to enjoy the game, with Rockstar promising it will run on a "a vast range of hardware configurations".

There's a batch of new PC screens to go along with the announcement below.

The PC version of the keenly anticipated action sequel is expected on shelves from 1st June - that's a couple of weeks after it launches on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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