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Jet Set Radio HD details revealed

Takes up whole screen, 70% of music from Dreamcast original secured.

New Jet Set Radio HD details have been revealed.

The Xbox 360 version (and, presumably the PlayStation 3 and PC versions) fills the screen, unlike the windowed Sonic Adventure Dreamcast port, Siliconera reports.

You can use the right analogue stick to manually control the camera, but the game does not have online tag sharing, despite the fact the Dreamcast original let players download new tags through SegaNet.

So far, 70 per cent of the music from the Dreamcast game has been confirmed for use in the new game, including songs from B.B. Rights, Guitar Vader, and Hideki Naganuma. Sega is trying to secure the rights for the other songs, some of which have changed hands since the Dreamcast game launched in 2000.

Meanwhile, the extra levels added to the US version of the Dreamcast game are included.

Jet Set Radio is, in Sega's words, an "upgraded HD version" of the original. The distinctive cel-shaded adventures of Tokyo graffiti rudie Beat debuted on Dreamcast over ten years ago, followed by a sequel, Jet Set Radio Future, on Xbox in 2002.

There's a competition for US and UK gamers that offers fans the chance to design 18 brand new pieces of in-game art that will feature in the game.

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