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FeatureLost in Shibuya

How video games taught me to embrace a night of adventure in Tokyo.

I might never have got into the stranger's taxi if it weren't for video games. It was September and, earlier that evening, I'd met a journalist friend who lives in Japan for a catch-up drink. He took me to a themed Irish pub just off Shibuya crossing, the sort of establishment you'd never darken in Spain, but which, when transported to Tokyo, is transformed from blight to curio. The place didn't disappoint. Everything was slightly off: We drank pints of Guinness, each one laced with a shot of red wine. American sports blared on the overhead TVs. Most implausibly of all, one tidy queue trailed up to the bar: Dublin through a glass darkly. We caught up. Finally, we said goodnight. It was still early, the Autumn air muggy and electric. I muffled my ears with headphones and began to walk around Shibuya. And then I met Brad.

Jet Set Radio is now available on Xbox One

UPDATE: Backwards compatibility list adds Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut, Runner2, and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

UPDATE 10/05/2016 8.56pm: Another Xbox One backwards compatibility update has added Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut, Faery: Legends of Avalon, Final Fight: Double Impact, Frogger 2, and Puzzlegeddon.

Jet Set Radio Review

Jet Set Radio Review

Violently smooth.

10 years ago, I was sat in a shared house in Brighton playing Jet Set Radio on the Dreamcast when a friend walked in and - I'm not lying - dropped a cup of tea on the floor in shock. "What the hell is that?" he sighed, staring at the screen and lost deep within a sugary kind of confusion. "You feckless oaf," I thought, and promptly skated into a tree.

Last night, I was sat in my own house in Brighton, playing Jet Set Radio's new HD release on the 360, when another friend walked in. No tea this time, but otherwise it was the same reaction. "What the heck is that?" Okay, not quite the same reaction, because we all cut down on the swears when Will Smith asked us to. Also, I should really get a lock for that front door.

My point isn't just that you should always knock when entering a room because somebody might be hanging a picture in a delicate spot or pouring themselves a brimming tumbler of Absinthe while summoning one of the minor demons of the underworld. My point is that Jet Set Radio - a game about rollerblading street gangs who stick it to the man by burying Tokyo-To beneath artful layers of spray-paint - retains the power to astonish and amaze and bedazzle and beguile.

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Jet Set Radio release date and price revealed

Jet Set Radio release date and price revealed

UPDATE: Now includes European release details.

Update: Sega confirmed that the game will cost 5.99 on Steam and 6.49 on PSN. The PS3 version will be out on 12th September for PlayStation Plus subscribers and the 19th for everyone else.

The Vita version however, won't be out until 19th October in Europe.

Original story: Graffiti-centric skate-'em-up Jet Set Radio now has firm release dates over its various platforms, publisher Sega has announced.

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Jet Set Radio announced for PlayStation Vita

Cel-shaded Dreamcast classic Jet Set Radio will be released on PlayStation Vita this summer, publisher Sega has revealed.

The new handheld edition will accompany fellow HD re-makes of the game, due for download on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Jet Set Radio's Vita version uses the touch-screen to implement the game's iconic graffiti. The system's camera will also be integrated.

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Jet Set Radio HD details revealed

Jet Set Radio HD details revealed

Takes up whole screen, 70% of music from Dreamcast original secured.

New Jet Set Radio HD details have been revealed.

The Xbox 360 version (and, presumably the PlayStation 3 and PC versions) fills the screen, unlike the windowed Sonic Adventure Dreamcast port, Siliconera reports.

You can use the right analogue stick to manually control the camera, but the game does not have online tag sharing, despite the fact the Dreamcast original let players download new tags through SegaNet.

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