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GAME firesale extends to hardware, "Spring Clean" promotion launched

What are ya' buyin'?

GAME has extended its firesale to hardware, and launched its "Spring Clean" promotion.

The shop has slashed prices across the board - for games new and pre-owned, hardware new and pre-owned, and accessories.

There's a raft of deals on hardware as part of the Spring Clean promotion. Catch 'em while you can.

Gamers have reported signs have been put up in their local stores to advertise the clear out of stock.

HotUKDeals has rounded up some of the most attractive in-store offers on hardware and Microsoft Points.

In store GAME is selling 1200 MS Points for £4.98. You can get 800 MS Points for £2.98.

Earlier this week Eurogamer was told by a source close to GAME that stores had put pre-owned on sale "to shift stock".

Last month GAME managed to convince its syndicate of lenders, led by Royal Bank of Scotland, to relax its debt covenant. But sources "close to the State-owned bank" told The Express it was running out of patience.

GAME Group was last week forced to issue a note to shareholders in an attempt to calm concern over its ability to stock new games. Its current stock issue with EA, which means it won't sell Mass Effect 3, FIFA Street, Tiger Woods 13 or The Sims Showtime, is "temporary", and both parties are working to make sure it doesn't happen again, GAME said.

GameStop was reported to be ready to buy GAME, but Eurogamer was told by a source that the US giant is one of several interested companies, buoyed by GAME's recent success with the launch of PS Vita in the UK.

GAME is apparently seeking more money to help it continue trading, but if fails, its banks will seek a buyout rather than a closure.