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Free Mass Effect 3: Datapad iOS app now live

Receive emails from squadmates, raise your Galaxy at War score.

EA's free Mass Effect 3: Datapad app is now available to download on iPhone and iPad.

Datapad lets you receive new email messages from squadmates and people you meet in Mass Effect 3. There's also a Galaxy at War mini-game where you can boost your Mass Effect 3 Galactic Readiness rating.

The mini-game allows you to deploy fleets around the galaxy to scoop up credits and, if logged in with your Origin details, increase your Galactic Readiness.

This rating multiplies the value of War Assets you discover in Mass Effect 3, making it easier to obtain the best outcome in the final battle.

Mini-game missions take hours, but can be hurried by exchanging in-game credits for speed boosts, shield upgrades and extra fleets.

Datapad also allows you to browse your Codex entries, watch trailers for the game and check EA's official Twitter feed. Handy!