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Forza dev hiring for "Next Generation of games"

Forza 5 a next Xbox launch title?

Forza developer Turn 10 is hiring for its "Next Generation of games".

The Microsoft owned studio is after a cinematics art director. The job, spotted by Superannuation, involves "defining and driving the cinematics vision and techniques needed to achieve exceptionally high quality content for our Next Generation of games".

Turn 10 is not working on this year's Forza game. Forza Horizon, announced last month, is being developed by Playground Games and is due out on Xbox 360 this autumn - freeing up Turn 10 to make its "Next Generation of games".

Microsoft is rumoured to be preparing to show its Xbox 360 successor at E3 in June, with a 2013 launch planned. Will Forza 5 be a launch title?

Elsewhere, Superannuation spotted the first Microsoft job ad that explicitly mentioned the next Xbox. It was later pulled.

"The ISS Console Multimedia Team, responsible for designing and developing the next generation console, is looking for a highly motivated and skilled audio developer," the advertisement read. "If you love gaming, game audio and music, then join us as an integral part of the team tasked to revolutionize audio for the next generation of Xbox."

Next Xbox rumours have ramped up in recent months. It is reportedly codenamed Durango, and will not have a disc drive.