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One trilogy to rule them all?

No one told me they videoed it! No one! The podcast, videoed?! How was I to know? Not that I mind of course. You may remember my starring role in Sacred 2: The Video Game (there wasn't a film, I'm trying to elevate its prestige). But you couldn't sleep with me in Sacred 2. It wasn't Mass Effect 3.

And Mass Effect 3 is what we're talking about this week in the Eurogamer Podcast, officially numbered 104. And by we I mean me, Bertie Robert Purchese (that's Purch-ess, in case you've ever wondered); Tom "Does All the Work" Phillips; and Tom Champion.

We, no doubt like you, have been playing BioWare's climactic tour de force, Mass Effect 3. But we've been playing it in different ways. That's the point. BioWare wants you to play your game your way, and influence the world and universe around you. What was an intriguing idea in 2007, a saved game to span the trilogy, has now been fully realised - and has real repercussions to how Mass Effect 3 plays out.

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Three games' worth of BioWare-style choice repercussions coming to a head in one game - does it work? How does it work? How have each of our games, as long-running fans of the series, been affected? This, we talk about. We even attempt to answer questions asked by you, our readers and listeners and watchers.

Note that you may consider some of what we talk about as being spoilery. These spoilers are light and insignificant, if they're spoilers at all. Yet, if you're trying to avoid anything and everything about the final Mass Effect 3 game, it may be best you stay away from this podcast.

We're as careful as we can be. So for those that do tune in, I hope you enjoy it.

Oh, and don't forget to read Eurogamer's 10/10 Mass Effect 3 review and Face-Off, if you haven't already.

Introducing new Mass Effect 3 squad member, General Waffle.

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