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Former Fable developer unveils Rogue Star

Hopes to revive space combat and trading genre.

Former Fable developer James Duncan has unveiled his new iOS game, Rogue Star.

Duncan, who worked on Fable 2 and Fable 3 before quitting Microsoft-owned developer Lionhead to start up his own studio, RedBreast, hopes Rogue Star will re-ignite interest in the "much missed" space combat and trading genre. You play a pilot, and fight and trade.

We spoke to Duncan in October last year, and he told us he hoped his new game would appeal to fans of illustrious classics such as Elite, Tie Fighter, Red Baron and Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe.

"For whatever reason this genre got left behind," he said. "These genres fell away because more money got pumped into games and with more money people don't want to take chances. Big companies just want to go where the money is. They just want to do FPS and third-person games."

Duncan is one third of RedBreast. He is joined by Mark Stacey (Dungeon Keeper, Burnout, Harry Potter) and concept artist Dennis Gustafsson (Troddlers, Die Hard Trilogy, Terracon, Richard Burns Rally).

Details on RedBreast's game remain scarce. We only have four images (one new, below), to go on, although there are a few more details on the newly launched website. And we still don't know when Rogue Star will be released.

But we do know it has retro leanings. "This isn't a grey and drab world," Duncan explained. "This is a bit more of a colourful world. It's attractive on the eye and clean and simple. It's a nice aesthetic that will mark it out from the rest of the stuff that's around now."