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Molyneux: "is Call of Duty all this industry really is?"

Core need Kinect more than anyone, Lionhead boss says.

Lionhead's Peter Molyneux has spoken out about the need for a core Kinect game - and how it's the core that needs Kinect more than anyone else.

Touting Fable: The Journey, the new Kinect exclusive game from Lionhead, Molyneux addressed questions whether there was any need for a core title on Microsoft's motion controller.

"Of course there is," Molyneux told Eurogamer at Microsoft's Spring Showcase. "Those are the people that need new experiences more than anyone else. I get crazy passionate about this - if we're not careful, we're going to bore our core gamers to death. How much bigger can our explosions get to entertain them?"

"We're doing the same thing that Hollywood's doing with action movies. We're inventing a formula, and we're repeating it over and over again, and we're grabbing every penny from our consumers and not bothering to think about something different. And they're the people that need something different.

"They're our fans, and this is their hobby, man! We can't be lazy! We can't back away from creative inventiveness now, just because it costs a bit more money. Now's the time to double down on that.

"Is Call of Duty really it? Is that all this industry really is? If it is, then you should just shift me off to the mental asylum now."

Molyneux also addressed questions about the recent job posting for someone with MMO skills - a posting that's fuelled speculation that a Fable MMO could be imminent.

"I don't know what you're talking about - that scares me," replied an untypically coy Molyneux. "It's not relevant to the Journey, but it could be relevant to something in the future."

Lionhead used Microsoft's Spring Showcase to reveal Fable Heroes - a smaller game that arose from an in-house creative day. Molyneux was non-committal when asked whether Lionhead would, like Double Fine, look to making further smaller games - although he alluded to to an imminent big year for both Microsoft and Lionhead.

"We try and have a creative day every year, but it's hard to have a creative day when you've got a launch year," he told Eurogamer. "Everyone's so obsessed. I've got to be careful with what I say, but at the moment we could be close to a launch year for certain titles."

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