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CCP talking to Gaikai, OnLive about cloud-based Eve Online

Planetary Interaction mooted.

CCP is talking to Gaikai and OnLive - among others - about bringing their titles to the shiney-vision-of-the-future world of cloud-gaming.

"We are in dialogue with both companies and others," explained David Reid, chief marketing officer, in an interview with Eurogamer.

"We think it's a really important way to not just play the core Eve Online gameplay - that you do play today principally on the PC and on the Mac - but also to add new sorts of experiences - when you think about Planetary Interaction in Eve Online right?"

Planetary Interaction is a system in Eve that allows players to harvest valuable minerals from planets in order to sell them on to other players. PC users taking advantage of cloud-gaming services will likely be able to play CCP's flagship MMO without the use of these services though. Last year Hilmar Peterrsun, CEO of CCP, demonstrated Eve Online running on a smartphone. Could this finally be an opportunity to move Eve into the mobile space?

Whatever the case, it seems a decision is some way off. "You could see things like that [Planatery Interaction] finding their ways to tablets and mobile devices," Reid continued. "There isn't some giant announcement about that, I don't want to mislead you!"

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