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UEFA Euro 2012 game a paid digital expansion for FIFA 12

Out late April for around £15.99.

The UEFA Euro 2012 game will be a paid digital expansion for FIFA 12, EA has announced.

It will be released on 24th April in Europe and North America, and on 25th April in "other countries around the world".

UEFA Euro 2012 carries an RRP of £15.99, which presumably tallies with the PSN price. On Xbox Live it will cost 1800 Microsoft Points, and on PC 2500 FIFA Points.

No other platforms were mentioned.

Stuffed inside the Euro 2012 game are all 53 UEFA national teams and all eight stadium venues being used by host countries Poland and Ukraine.

EA will dress the game with appropriate "pageantry" befitting of a once-every-four-years event, and use a live service to pull "real-life story lines" from the real-life event. This will manifest as dynamic Challenges that award experience points to level-up EA Sports Football Club profiles with.

A new Expedition mode has you build, manage and compete with a customised team. Your captain can either be your favourite European player, or your Virtual Pro player from FIFA 12. Win matches to earn better players from defeated nations, and rinse, repeat until you've claimed the European crown. (It's not clear if players are nation restricted, or if you can draft any star into your team.)

The real-life UEFA Euro 2012 competition gets under way on 8th June.

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