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Dragon's Dogma can sell 10 million worldwide, reckons Capcom

It has "assurance" it will move a million in Japan.

Capcom is hoping to sell 10 million copies of forthcoming fantasy RPG Dragon's Dogma, according to producer Hideaki Itsuno.

Speaking to Videogamer, Itsuno insisted that figure was ambitious but attainable, and is emblematic of Capcom's desire to chase success on a global stage and not just in Japan.

"I don't know if other Japanese developers are trying to become more global, but I know we definitely are," he said.

"It's difficult, because we really want this game to sell 10 million units worldwide. We want to sell a lot, and that's just something that we think we can do. We're not positive [it will be a success]. Of course it's a risk, but that's what we want - a challenge."

Itsuno added that Capcom believes the game will almost certainly break the million barrier in its homeland.

"But in Japan, we can absolutely sell a million units. We know that's attainable, it's absolutely do-able. We have a kind of assurance that that will happen, but for worldwide that's not so much the case, and I think that's why a lot of Japanese developers are hesitant about going global. It's because they don't have that assurance that it'll be successful."

The game, which Capcom claims is one of its largest productions ever, is due out on 25th May for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

"This is Capcom's first attempt at anything like it, and they'll have to deliver something special if it's to dislodge the genre's front-runners," read Eurogamer's recent Dragon's Dogma preview.

"We're still yet to discover much of the story, or learn of anything of the politics of this universe. Still, the signs are promising."