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Dragon's Dogma re-release coming to PS4, Xbox One

UPDATE: Dark Arisen again, in the West as well.

UPDATE 11.40am: It sounds like we'll be seeing Dragon's Dogma on PS4 and Xbox One here in the UK as well. Capcom UK has just pointed us to this new Twitter post:

ORIGINAL STORY 11.00am: Cult-favourite Capcom role-player Dragon's Dogma is getting a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One port.

Image credit: Famitsu.

The game's expanded Dark Arisen edition will be re-released in Japan this autumn, Famitsu revealed.

There's no word yet on a European or North American date - we've asked Capcom for more information.

Dragon's Dogma is five years old this year - this relaunch marks its anniversary. Dark Arisen was previously relaunched last year for PC.

We've been waiting a while for news of a new game in the series but, so far, only received the fairly lacklustre Dragon's Dogma Online.

There's also (still) no sign of Capcom's work-in-progress role-player Deep Down - perhaps it will emerge again at E3?

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Dragon's Dogma

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Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

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