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Cult toon Adventure Time gets DS tie-in

Shantae/Aliens: Infestation studio Wayforward to develop.

Cult Cartoon Network series Adventure Time is being turned into a DS game by Shantae developer Wayforward Technologies.

Series creator Pendleton Ward Tweeted the news earlier today, revealing that the title is due out later this year and will be "hot to trot like a horse".

No other info has been revealed, though Ward did offer up a handful of sketches illustrating his excitement - take a look below.

Judging by Wayforward's pedigree, it will likely be a side-scroller - and a well-crafted one at that. The US studio's recent work includes acclaimed 3DS download Mighty Switch Force, way-better-that-it-had-any-right-to-be licensed effort Aliens: Infestation and charming Wii adventure A Boy and his Blob.