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Fresh World of Darkness details revealed

Blood as currency, permadeath confirmed.

A few more details concerning CCP's World of Darkness have emerged at this year's Fanfest in Reykjavik. Senior producer Chris McDonough took to the stage to reassure fans that progress on the title continues - despite CCP's recent internal reorganisation in order to focus on Eve Online and Dust 514.

To the backdrop of a projection that read "Reports of our undeath have been greatly exaggerated" McDonough began his presentation. "Our product is very much still in active development," he explained. "Part of the reason we've been keeping it secret is so we could wait until we show you something that makes you guys nuts."

World of Darkness will feature thematic takes on real-world cities such as London, Paris and New York. The sandbox mentality that drives the ongoing development of Eve Online and Dust 514 will extend into the upcoming title, with a deep political system that will see one player assume control of each city as a Prince - one with the power to inflict permadeath on other characters.

Deep hand-to-hand combat mechanics will feature, and the game will have a mature rating. You won't be able to sew your own clothes - a thematic decision - and blood will be used as the in-game currency. From a lore perspective, World of Darkness will draw from Vampire: The Masquerade.

More information on the game will be released towards the end of this year as the team now head back into seclusion in order to focus on development. "We're going back into lay-low mode, then you guys will see some really core stuff," said McDonough. "There is no release date because we have a lot to live up to. Eve changed the game industry and we want World of Darkness to do the same."

The session was closed with a brief video that offered the first in-game footage to be shown publicly. A pass through one section of the game showed off a New York setting with gothic architecture, yellow cabs and a complex lighting system.

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